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In this age of easy and rapid movement of people and goods over long distances, hygiene is of particular value. For over 20 years we have been helping our customers meet requirements for cleanliness and hygiene. Our joint goal is the safety of their products, employees, and customers.

The rapid pace of development of our civilization and the associated risks set us increasingly difficult challenges. We are responsible for ourselves and for future generations. To meet these challenges, we focus on scientific expertise and innovative products, supported by well-established experience.

HCS Europe – Hygiene & Cleaning Solutions – develops professional systems to maintain cleanliness and hygiene for customers with special hygiene requirements. With this approach, you can be confident that our solutions are much more than a collection of random products. Our solutions are characterized by consistency and above all ease and safety of use, and are matched to your needs.

Every customer is a new challenge, and every system in place a success.

HCS Europe is certified to ISO 9001:2015 No. PL008194/P – Sales and designing high-end systems to maintain cleanliness and hygiene for customers with special hygiene requirements, including HACCP requirements.
Our business
Office space
We have the expertise thanks to which maintaining an appropriate level of hygiene in office buildings extends their useful life. We assist in the selection of solutions that ensure building occupants safe and comfortable work and yet are easy to use and cost effective.

- Systems for floor cleaning and maintenance
- Aesthetic personal hygiene systems for bathrooms
- Systems for hand cleaning and hand disinfection
- Cleaning and protection of wooden and synthetic furniture
- Specialized solutions for anti-electrostatic-discharge (ESD) surfaces
- Professional odour control systems
- Facades Cleaning and protection
- Outdoor areas solutions
Public utility
Maintaining an adequate level of cleanliness and hygiene in buildings which are accessible to a large number of people requires a specialized approach. Thanks to our strong knowledge and experience, we offer an entire range of solutions for this type of building. Stadiums, schools, means of transport, or offices – we always tailor our solutions to your specific needs. We offer solutions that will work even in crisis situations.

- Safe and durable systems for floor cleaning and maintenance
- Aesthetic personal hygiene systems for bathrooms
- Ecological solutions for the cleaning and maintenance of stone, wood, and synthetic surfaces
- Professional odour control systems
- Preparations for the protection and cleaning of facades
- Solutions for maintaining outdoor areas
- Systems for cleaning and disinfecting hands
- Entrance dirt trap systems
The particular need for hygiene in healthcare requires uncompromising solutions. Where there is a risk to life or health, the good of the patient and staff safety are our overriding concern and an aim in itself. We have solutions designed in accordance with the guidelines of the medical scientific community and national and international organizations that support the health services, with a particular focus on European Union and WHO guidelines.

- Systems for hand cleaning and hand disinfection for healthcare
- Hygienic hand drying systems
- Surface disinfectants for healthcare
- Sterilization systems
- Cleaning equipment that meets Healthcare requirements
- Professional systems for waste segregation
- Personal protective equipment for staff
We offer comprehensive solutions taking into account the requirements of the metallurgical, automotive, aviation, food, oil, and chemical industries. Our expertise, innovative products and many years of experience in the international market enable us to offer solutions to ensure the safety of your products, employees, buildings, and equipment. We design solutions which guarantee the correctness of production processes, while maintaining cost optimization.

- Systems for Hygiene Management
- Cleaning and disinfection systems for food processing
- A wide range of specialized industrial wipers with emphasis on waste reduction
- Cleaning equipment and machinery for special tasks
- Working clothes and personal protective equipment
- Sorbents and sorption mats
- Non-slip and anti-fatigue systems
- Hand cleaning and hand disinfection systems
With years of experience in the hotel and restaurant sector, we offer comprehensive, proven solutions that ensure your customers safety and comfort. Owners and managers of our solutions will help maintain the building to a high standard.

- Cleaning and disinfection products for use in kitchens
- Mechanical dishwashing chemicals
- Professional systems for in-hotel room hygiene
- Aesthetic personal hygiene systems for bathrooms
- Odour control systems
- Professional systems for waste segregation
- Entrance dirt trapping systems matching the interior
- Systems for floor and corridor maintenance and protection
Shopping Areas
Our long-term cooperation with retail chains and smaller entities has allowed us to create a comprehensive offer dedicated to retail outlets. Our individual approach to each building guarantees that we will find the best solution for you, regardless of the size and specialization of your facility. Our solutions not only solve current problems but, above all, provide a holistic approach to managing health and safety.

- Professional cleaning and disinfection chemicals
- Systems for floor cleaning and maintenance
- Aesthetic personal hygiene systems for bathrooms
- Cold stores and showcases cleaning
- Outdoor areas solutions
- Odour control systems
- Professional systems for waste segregation
- Systems for hand cleaning and hand disinfection
Step 1: Needs Analysis Each project begins with a thorough analysis of your needs. Our specialists carry out an initial audit. We analyse the results of this audit together with you to further define your needs in terms of Hygiene and Cleanliness Systems. This process is performed very carefully, and not limited to a single visit. Based on our experience, we know that only a joint adoption of appropriate assumptions and definition of requirements can be vital to your success.
Step 2: Selection of the optimum technology Based on the data analysis obtained during the audit, and after recognizing your preferences, we always offer you at least two alternatives. We suggest that each solution proposition that interests you is verified during tests. This approach will allow us to better tailor our proposal to your needs.
Step 3: Preparation of documentation After making the final selection of solution, we start the documentation design stage for your Hygiene and Cleanliness System. With many years of experience in numerous industries, we guarantee smooth conduct of the documentation process, and that in its wake you will receive a complete, transparent, and easy-to-use set of documents, through which all information about hygiene processes is easily accessible.
Step 4: Implementation and training Proper implementation of the solutions we have agreed with you is crucial for us and will ensure the correct functioning of your Hygiene and Cleanliness System. Therefore, we attach great importance to educating your personnel in the proper functioning of the entire system and its individual elements. At your request, we can extend the training programme to cover issues not directly related to your System so that the level of knowledge of those responsible for maintenance of hygiene is constantly raised.
Step 5: Delivery Schedule We understand how important constant availability of hygienic materials, cleaning agents and disinfectants is. Therefore, we propose the creation of delivery schedules which will allow you to optimize your inventory and make procurement planning easier. With our extensive logistics structure based in the National Logistics Centre, local warehouses and a network of our partners nationwide, we guarantee constant availability of our products.
Step 6: Technical Support Regardless of the size and sophistication of your System, for it to function properly constant technical support is essential. Ongoing maintenance of equipment to maintain cleanliness and hygiene, calibration, adjustments, repairs, maintenance – all these are the daily work of our Service Advisers. In the case of intensive use of cleaning machines, for instance, we offer even faster access to service, and individual service packages, so that you can avoid interruptions caused by accidents.
Step 7: Validation and planning The validation process for the solutions implemented is in our view essential to ensure that the Hygiene and Cleanliness System is always up to date and meets your needs. We realize that the processes in your organization are subject to constant change. Through regular validation of the Cleanliness and Hygiene System, adapting it to your changing needs becomes even easier. The result of the validation is to modify or redefine your needs.







and training






and planning

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